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Bernd holding a common chameleon in Portugal

Hello, my name is Bernd Skubowius, born in 1962.
We live in Herne/Germany in the Ruhr area

- right between Dortmund and Essen.

Dayover I work as a supervisor in chemical industrie.

Some days or weeks of the year in Herne we have frost and snow like this:

Garden in 02-27_2005

A summer photo will follow later.

Herne is not the herp-dorado (like Germany in general), but sometimes we get a visit of some critter like this:

It is a small common toad, Bufo bufo bufo

Grass frogs rarly visit us too.


Bernd Skubowius

Mülhauser Str. 49

44627 Herne

A great part of my free time I work with the terraria. Since 1975 I deal with keeping snakes. At the beginning there were the Garter Snakes...

In the next years there lived a lot of snake genus with me.

After my first tests with wildcaught watersnakes and other imports I began with american and asian ratsnakes.
In the end of the 80'th I began with the tropical chicken eater (Spilotes) and the genus Pituophis.

The quota of the Pituophis rises in the next years with buy and change. At this time there live 100 Pituophis in 12 subspecies in my terraria in the cellar.  

Mein Stand bei der Schlangenbörse

With my c.b. snakes I am often at reptile fairs in a diameter of aprox 200 km around Herne.

I like to talk about our hobby with you.

Many experience about our hobby I owe my long standing friend Peter Schmidt with his Zoocenter Schmidt in Bochum-Werne/Germany. Because of his patient listening, his helpfulness and his great experience preserve me from much losses.

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