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About the genus Pituophis there is a little literature in English, but in German the translation of the bull snakes-book of Mara is the only special Pituophis book.

In some German snake-/terrariabooks there are some articles about this genus.
If they were competent researched and are detailed (and I own them), I have them in my list.

But some of the autors can't divert the subspecies exactly...
In parts I'm glad for one good page of 200...

The greater parts of literatur, in wich this genus occurs, are in English.
Furthermore there, too, is some (mostly antiquaric) literatur obout the
mexican/middelamerican species in Spanisch.
Because I can't speak or read Spanish, I never tried to get this literatur til now.

All below mentioned books I have at home. A part of it are antiquariat and the others
are often difficult to get in normal book stores, too.

If there are questions about the sources of the books, please contact me per mail.

In the last 3 years I bought some antiquariat about Pituophis, wich I will maybe list later.

But I think, I will do an own antiquariat section on tis page, the list will become to long...

Furthermore I purchased many issues of Pituophis relates magazins - but I see no chance to list them here all in nearer future...

Pituophis Literatur



Year of print
Place of ed.





My Opinion




Winner Enterprises 

Guide to Florida Nonpoisonous Snakes

Nice booklet for a little money. But there are not many informations in it.


Ashton, Ray E. Jr., Ashton, Patricia Sawyer

Miami, Fl. 

Windward Publishing Inc. 

Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians of Florida, Part one - The Snakes

Only Florida, but very precise. Exact cards of its distribution (in 1981), 3 pages Pituophis. Beautiful and good photos.


Bartlett, R. D., Tennant, A.

Huston, Tx.

Gulf Publishing Company

Snakes of North Amerika-Western Region        

Best fieldguide of this region in an aceptable price. Good maps of distribution. Many pages Pituophis with newest acknowlidgement. Beautiful and good photos.


Behler, John L., King, F. Wayne 

New York

Alfred A. Knopf

Field Guide to North American Reptiles & Amphibians

A compact fieldguide with good photos, good short description of the subspecies of the genus Pituophis.
Printed new and updatet in last years.


Brown, P. R.

Huston, Tx. 

Gulf Publishing Company

A Field Guide To Snakes of California

Best fieldguide for California, exact and newest knowledge. 5 pages Pituophis. Nice and good photos.


Carmichael, Pete, Williams, Winston

Tampa, Fl.

World Publications

Florida´s Fabulous Reptiles & Amphibians

Excelent pictures, short text, 1/2 page Pituophis. Nice picture-book.



Conant, Roger


Houghton Mifflin Company

A Fieldguide to Reptiles and Amphibians of Eastern/Central North America, 2'nd Ed. 

Very exact fieldguide with (only) one good distribution map of the Pituophis. Not newest knowledge, but many details are good described. But there are to less photos!
Printed new and updatet in last years.



Degenhardt, William G., Painter, Charles W., Price, Andrew H.


University of New Mexico Press

Amphibians & Reptiles of New Mexico 

Profound work, medium quality pictures, wich show all details. The price is o.k.



Ernst, Carl H., Ernst, Evelin M.
Snakes of the United States and Canada
Actual book with good research and full description of the genus. 12 pages Pituophis! Some more pictures I wish.

The price of 70 Dollar is not low...


Haast, William E., Anderson, Robert

Miami, Fl.

The Phoenix Publishing Co., Inc.

Complete Guide to Snakes of Florida

When it were published, it were one of the best books of this area. Today it is a book on the last ranges. 



Hammerson, Geoffrey A.

Denver, Co.

Colorado Division of Wildlife

Amphibians and Reptiles in Colorado 

Only Colorado, but it's a good book with many details.



Johnson, Tom R.

Jeferson City, Mo.

Missouri Department of Conservation

The Amphibians and Reptiles of Missouri

2. Edition

Only Missouri, but exact locality records and ecological details were shown. The in Missouri occuring colorphase of the sayi is good described. The book is not realy cheap...

2.5 pages Pituophis

Klauber, Laurence M.
San Diego, California

San Diego Society of Natural History

The Gophersnakes of Baja California, with Descriptions of new Subspecies of Pituophis catenifer
First description of the subspecies bimaris, insulanus, fuliginatus, coronalis. Important, very exact book. 38 pages Pituophis. Difficult to get antiquariat, wich is needed for the sience work with the genus Pituophis.
Klauber, Laurence M.
San Diego, California

Bulletins of the Zoological Society of San Diego

Classification and Ranges of the Gopher Snakes of the Genus Pituophis in the Western United States
Important and exact work. A lot of fieldherpetologic aspects and a sientific work of the genus. 83 pages Pituophis! Exact description of the western species/subspecies, wich were valide in 1947. Good range map. Only 4 photos, but they show the important details.

Difficult to get antiquariat, wich is needed for the sientific work with the genus Pituophis.


Kelly, Kenneth

Aurora, Co.

Reptile New Press

The Professional Keeper´s Guide to Bullsnakes, Pine Snakes & Gopher Snakes 

Medium quality book, what nobody will miss, who don't bought it.



Mara, W. P.

Ruhmannsfelden, D.

Bede Verlag


Cheap book with nice photos of at this time never seen Pituophis. The description of the taxa are sometimes not exact enough. Nice overview.



Mara, W. P.

Neptun, N.J.

T.H.F. Publications, Inc.

Desert Snakes 

Cheap book with nice photos. Nice overview.



Martof, Bernard S., Palmer, William M., Bailey, Joseph R., Harrison, Julian R. III

Cape Hill

The University of North Carolina Press

Amphibians and Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia 

Only Carolina and Virginia, but a good book with many details. 



McPeak, Ron H.

Monterey, Ca. USA

Sea Cellengers

Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California 

Good fieldguide for the Baja California. Many nice and seldom photos, 2 pages Pituophis. The distribution and the separation of the subspecies is sometimes not exact enough. 



Mount, Professor Robert H.

Auburn, Al. USA

Auburn Printing

The Reptiles & Amphibians of Alabama


Best book for Alabama, very exact, but not the newest knowledge. 5 pages Pituophis. Only black and white photos.



Stebbins, Robert C.


Houghton Mifflin Company

A Fieldguide to Western Reptiles and Amphibians, 2'nd Ed.

Very exact fieldguide with (only) one good range map of the Pituophis. Not the newest knowledge, but many details were decribed good. In identifications you often have problems with those black and white prints.
Recently updated and printed new edition. I looked at the new 3'rd Edition and most of the negativ poits of older ed. were erazed. Newest knowledge, a lot of photos. Now I can recommend it fully!!



Stull, Olive Griffith

United States Goverment Printing Office

Variations and Relationships in the Snakes of the Genius Pituophis
223 pages Pituophis!!
Important work of the genus. Many small details in the original form. Excelent drawings, wich you find nearly nowhere else. Distribution maps and the nomenclatur are not the status quo, the changend not only one time after print of this book.

Tennannt, Alan

Huston, Tx.

Gulf Publishing Company

A Field Guide To Snakes of Florida 

Only Florida, but very exact and the newest nowledge. Nice and good photos. 3 pages Pituophis.



Tennannt, Alan

Huston, Tx.

Gulf Publishing Company

A Field Guide To Texas Snakes

Only Texas, but very exact and new knowledge.

5 pages Pituophis.



Tennannt, Alan
Lanham, MD

Lone Star Books

Snakes of North America Eastern and Central Regions

Revised Edition

Excelent book with very many details to all genus. 14 1/2 pages Pituophis and 11 good photos (poorly a little small and some of them were earlier published in other Tennant-books). Good and exact distribution maps. Some local colorforms were pictured and described. A lot of sience works were used for this book.

The second and revised edition were published in 2004.

I recommend this book for everybody who's interesting in biologie in habitat (of the Pituophis). The price is very good for this high knowledge book!!!!!!!

Trutnau, Ludwig


Eugen Ulmer Verlag

Ungiftige Schlangen
Band 1 + 2

4. Auflage

This is the important german work of the (nonpoisionous) snakes. Knows now in the 4. ed. the genus Pituophis deppei. Good research and description, personly experience of the author were used, too. The eg. 100 Euro are a good investition.

4 pages Pituophis


Werler, John E., Dixon, James R.


University of Texas Press

Texas Snakes

Only Texas, but more exact than Tennant (1985) and newest knowledge.

5 pages Pituophis.

The price is so a little high.



Wright, Albert Hazen, Wright, Anna Allen

1957, Reprint 1994
Ithaca and London

Comstock Publishing Associates

Handbook of Snakes of the United States and Canada, Volume I + II  

Important work. Very complex, a lot of details and literatur are found here. Negativ here is again the absence of color photos and the older knowledge and taxonomie.








Name of the magazin



My opinion

Bergadá, José 1998 Zur Nachzucht von Bullennattern der Gattung Pituophis Reptilia Nr. 10 April 1998 43-47 The theme is worked for the sayi right good, the photos were good enough, too.

Briggs, Patrick


Pituophis Parade: The Bull, Gopher and Pine Snakes

Reptiles Magazin

Vol. 9 No. 4


The best and most complete article for the genus Pituophis.

Hirschkorn, Dieter 1986 Erfahrungen bei der Pflege und Zucht der selten gehaltenen Bullennatter Pituophis melanoleucus catenifer Herpetofauna Vol. 8 No. 43 13-16 Mr. Hirschkorn, one of the pioniers of keeping the genus Pituophis in terraria in Germany, named a lot of facts about the subspecies catenifer from the literatur and from his own experience.

Kardon, Alan


The Nortern Mexican Pine Snake Pituophis deppei jani 

The Vivarium  

Vol 7 No.1


Nobody other named so many details in way of life of the subspecies in terraria and habitat.

Klarsfld, Jonathan D.
2003 Natural History and Captive Maintenance of the Louisiana Pinesnake Reptiles Magazin Vol. 11 No. 7 64-69 Excelent research and own experience were used, best source for details of the species ruthveni.

Merli, Jim


Nesting Habits of the Northern Pinesnake (Pituophis m. melanoleucus) 

The Vivarium

Vol 4
No. 1  


Nice pictures and a lot of details about the egg-laying in nature.

Purser, Philip A.
2003 An Apprecation of Gophersnakes Reptiles Magazin Vol 11 No. 5 46-54 A work about the species catenifer in habitat and (american) terraria. Good resarch (but the nomenclatur is not so actual).

Wright, Jonathan


Variations Within Populations of The Bullsnake

Reptile & Amphibian Magazine

Oct. 1996


Many details about the geographic colorforms of the bull snakes.

Wright, Jonathan


Prärie Puffers - Bullsnakes

Reptile Hobbyist 

March, 1997


Nice overview


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