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    Pituophis lineaticollis gibsoni

    Guatemalan Pine Snake,

    Middle American Gopher Snake

    Photo by Patrick H. Briggs


This snake lives isolated from the other Pituophis indigenous to the mid Guatemalan highlands. One animal was found in the El Triunfo clearing (6800 feet elevation).



The ground coloration of this snake is a light brown to olive brown. On the front of its body above, there are 2 parallel rows of spots, which may partially contact the lateral spots. In mid-body region, the smaller spots come together to form saddle-like markings dorsally. On the neck and tail region, the color of the spots is black, and in mid-body area, these markings are light in the center. The amount of saddle-like blotches is between 22 and 27. Laterally there is a row of larger dark blotches between the saddles, which sometimes, in the neck area, connect with the saddles markings above. All body scales seemingly have a lighter center, making the snake look somewhat “speckled“. The scales are keeled. Squamation of head scales: 2 Prefontals. The snout scale is as broad as high (rostral - nasal 1:1).
Photo by Patrick H. Briggs


This snakes lives in pine and oak woodland to elevations from 1,400-2,200 m. In its distribution area, there are mountains nearly as high as 3000m. It is seldom seen, and there are only a few animals in private collections.

Way of life



In its habitat, it feeds mainly upon a variety of rodents.


Because of its distribution within montane regions, this snake would have to hibernate.


Nothing about the reproduction of this ssp. was found in literature. Its reproduction habits most likely will be similar to related taxa of the genus -Pituophis- written.

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